Quality childcare and education for children from birth to five


Childhood Concept’s centres are not structured centres, but do offer routines throughout the day that are predictable for children, thus offering security and a sense of well being.

Centres open

Children and parents are greeted warmly.
Children are assisted by teachers to separate from parents if required and settle into an activity. Daily programme begins. A variety of activities are available to choose from inside, including books, puzzles, clay, dough, paints, collage, art and craft materials, block play, socio-dramatic play, science activities and natural materials.

9.30am Together time

An informal mat time in which children are encouraged to participate. This is when any changes from the normal day are discussed; new children, new teachers and visitors are introduced. Sharing of news and items by children are incorporated into this time to further develop self esteem, then followed by music, songs, dancing, exercise, drama, finger play, musical instruments and solo songs.

Wash hands then…

10.00am Morning tea

Filtered water, savoury baking, toast, sandwiches, vegetable sticks, dips and fruit.

10.15am Daily programme continues

Choices available inside and outside include carpentry, sand play, water play, challenge course, balls, trolleys, science, nature, paints, clay and a planned activity specific to the programme.


A group game, stories, wash hands then…

11.45am Lunch

Includes white meat/fish dishes, red meat dishes, pastas, vegetable dishes, stir-fries, toasted sandwiches, vegetarian dishes, filtered water to drink. Fresh vegetables are prepared daily for the under two year old children.


Children are settled in the sleep rooms on their individual mattresses or cots for sleep or rest. Children are supervised throughout the time they sleep and rest. The older children have a rest in the main room, then participate in the pre school programme, where specific skills such as literacy and numeracy are reinforced, in preparation for school. Other skills are also fostered during this time through the opportunity of baking and extended art/craft etc.

1.30pm Afternoon programme begins

Inside and outside activities are similar to morning activities although changes are made to stimulate interest.

Wash hands then…

3.00pm Afternoon tea

Menu as morning tea.

3.15pm Programme continues

Inside and outside.


All children are encouraged to tidy up, then physical activities.

5.00pm Wind down time

Variety of quieter activities available for individual choice.
Late afternoon tea (small snack). Stories, music, puzzles and group games.

6.00pm Centres close

We welcome any comments you feel may help improve our service. If you have any other questions please contact us at one of the locations below.