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Referral -R & J STENT_14Dec16

“Our Daughter started at Childhood concepts when she was 7 months old, from her first day she was made to feel a part of the Childhood concepts family, the teachers were all warm and welcoming and made us feel at ease.

The environment is happy and inviting with different activities to do and great outdoor spaces to explore.

The teachers are quick to raise any concerns whether to do with health or development and are happy to listen to our suggestions or concerns. They keep you well informed of milestones being reached and keep it all well documented.

We enjoy the interactive days where grandparents are invited to come along for morning tea and Whanau Fish and Chip evenings to take time at the centre to look around and chat to the teachers.

Thanks to the team at Childhood Concepts for the great work they do!”

Toni Burrows - October 2015

We first walked into this day-care worried and scared, 0f all the different types of day-cares out there. You see we were not very impressed at all, But when we walked in here all 3 of us just Smiled and we were warm. This day-care was different from them all It seemed more like a family home and not a day-care. Angie was the first one we met, and as we walked around you could see, how all the teachers interact with the babies. Danielle, Susie and Angie were the ones I was interested in most of all, as I was thinking about leaving my most precious gift in the world. In that one visit I could see, how gentle and caring these 3 ladies would be. Right then and there I knew, this was the one and everything looked so new. These people would be part of our family. They would have so much fun and laughter to see. I could never imagine how much they would impact me. Even as we have grown and seem so far apart, These three ladies will always have a special place in my heart. As she grew and developed, Angie came and told me Allissa had had it, All her friends were a little older you see and Allissa needed to be challenged and this you could see.

The move to the kiwi room was soon to be known and far too soon for me she was still so little, precious and growing too fast for me. The teachers were different down there, but with Kate’s friendly smile how could I deny. So the move happened and looking back at it now, it was like a treat because of all the new teachers we got to meet, Each of them with their own special way and thing. Vanessa was always firm but fair, and you could see she really did care And we both have blond hair. We then became closer as we both shared something extra special, but that’s another story. Jing, Allissa will never forget you, you sparked her thirst for knowledge and she thinks you’re a great pal and fairly smart and caring. Jessica thanks to you and doing the girls beautiful hair do’s, Allissa now has standards I can never met. So this is one thing I will never try to beat.

Natalie what can I say, you were the mummy of the group, sensitive and caring for these kids each and every day. Along came Kylie closer to the end, but with being so relaxed and cool, Allissa found a great friend I you. Una your passion for little kids and teaching, just blew me away, I just wish you had come along sooner. I am super glad you will not be going away. Michelle and Glen you should be very proud of your place you run, It’s no day-care it’s more of a second home to have more fun Well I really hope you can all see how much of an impact you have on these little kids, me and my family. You all helped us make this jewel so perfectly.

Now we have started on round number two with Cassidy. Good luck with her, she’s going to be a challenge. So thanks for becoming part of our family and making us feel so welcome.

Hayz Wratt - October 2015